You don't have to be a policeman to become a member to this sports club.
By the way at the moment most of our members are not from the police force.
Everybody is welcome to join the club!

We offer you the possiblity to to participate in the training for 14 days without obligations for just € 2.75 (just covering the mandatory insurance).

Attention: Some of the following content is not localized. If you need any assistance please get help at a contact person listed below.

All information about a trial practice can be found on the page Schnuppertraining of the main club.

Important: Please do contact the office (Geschäftsstelle) regarding a trial practice beforehand. Our sports hall is located on a police compound and is subject to access restrictions. You need to be registered and get a identification card before you can enter the premises.

From experience Friday is not the best day for dropping in the first time. Training hours are listed on the Training page. Trial practice for the team requires a appropriate level of playing ability.

We do not have rackets available so please bring your own racket with you.

Contact persons

Teams   Günter Tacke   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Youth   Traudl Remmele   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Recreational players   Ilka Jetschny   just drop by on Tuesday


The police compound is located at Rosenheimerstraße 130 in Munich.
You can park your car alongside the street or in the parking lot in front of the entrace of the police (but you have to leave your identification card or drivers license with the police officers in exchange for a temporary parking permit).

There are ample opportunities to reach the sports hall with public transport.
In short walking distance you have the underground station Karl-Preis-Platz (U2).
Also not far away the suburban train stations Ostbahnhof (S1-S8) and St.-Martin-Straße (S3, S7).
And directly next to the entrance you have the bus stop Anzinger Straße (Bus 55, 145, 155).
If you are not used to the Munich public transport system just visit and type in Anzinger Straße as your destination in the journey planner.

After the entrance directly turn right and walk alongside the building and keep heading straight forward. Directly after a bicycle stand you find the sports hall (also a indoor swimming pool in the same building).